2009-04-04 22:23:41 by Kimari-chan

anyone who has played Legend of Zelda should have the slightest idea of what an Ocarina is. So the other day i bought one out of Nintendo Power and 5 day's later, guess what? it came in!!! but im still learning how 2 play it without screwing up....Wish me luck!!!! (BTW...i posted a pic of it down there...)



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2009-04-04 22:35:08

You can find many tutorials on newgrounds, and google even, that will help you with the animation process.

Here's a GREAT starter tutorial that will show you all around flash and some basic animating tips. You can learn to tween, and many other things. (http://fc18.deviantart.com/fs7/f/2005 /269/6/f/Flash_Tutorial_for_Newbies.s wf)

That's what helped me get started animating back when I was 12. c:
Of course, not many people use tweening like she primarily shows- but rather frame-by-frame animation. In which essentially, you draw individual drawings frame by frame in order to create a fluid, rapid action. Of course, it takes much longer, but over all in the end it really is much better in quality.

Animating is a process, and a practice! And the more you do it, the better you'll get! C:

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2009-04-05 00:13:30

well sadly idk anything about anmation, but....I LOVE TALES OF SYMPHONIA!!! sheena is my 2nd favorite character (kratos is first cuz he's badass)....srry if this wasted your time.

(Updated ) Kimari-chan responds:

trust me, ur love 4 TOS is no waste of my damn time!(kratos is badass but i like Regal better, masculine anime guys r sexy.)and bro a.k.a zelos14 loves TOS wayyyyyy more than u do(thats what he says lol)


2009-07-12 16:20:19

hey, what's up? O:

Kimari-chan responds:

hey im just learnin animation ^_^